I will speak at Office 365 Engage

I’m pleased to announced that I have been select to deliver 1 workshop and 3 sessions at the Office 365 Engage event. This event will take place at Haarlem, The Netherlands from 19th to 22th of June, with the 18th reserved for Workshops.

Workshop: Introduction to Microsoft Azure to Developers

In this workshop students, will learn the core skills about Microsoft Azure for Developers. We will check some of the main services like App Services, SQL Database, Azure AD and Storage.

Topics covered during the workshop:

  • Introduction to Microsoft Azure and Cloud Solutions
  • Resource Groups
  • Microsoft Azure App Services
  • Microsoft SQL Database
  • Microsoft Azure Storage
  • Create Identity Solutions with Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AAD)


Bring your own device to have a hands-on experience during the workshop.


Session: Supercharge your applications with the Microsoft Graph API

When creating line of business applications, we always need data from several sources. This is no different in a cloud world, but instead of creating different services, that are accessed in different ways, we can leverage the power of the Microsoft Graph API to get data from Office 365 and other Microsoft cloud services in a quick, easy and integrated way.

In this session, we will check how easy is to get data using the Microsoft Graph API to your application, like for example files from OneDrive for Business or SharePoint, list data from SharePoint, schedule a new event in a user agenda, etc… This is a very demo depended session where, we will create an application integrated with data from Azure AD and Office 365.


Session: WebHooks in Microsoft SharePoint Do it Like a Ninja!

In the old days, SharePoint Event Receiver were the main choice when it comes to create customizations that needed to react to specific events happening in the Server-Side.

With Office 365 Microsoft developed Remote Event Receivers, that allowed developers to create similar experiences in SharePoint Online to on-premises SharePoint Solutions. In an effort to embrace industry standards, Microsoft supports now WebHooks in SharePoint.

In this session, we will check WebHooks and how can we start to integrate then in your SharePoint developments. We will also introduce how to use it with Azure Notification Hub and make some push notifications you a client application.


Session: Microsoft Certifications – From Zero to Certified!!!

In this session, we will explain all Microsoft certifications and share some cool tips on how to get from zero to a Microsoft Certified Professional. We will check all MCSA, MCSE, MCSD, … certifications but also the MOS and MTA Certifications that have a very special and important place in the certification world. In the second part of the session we will have an open discussion about the benefits of being a Microsoft Certified Professional and how your career will benefit from it.


You can find more information and register on the conference website: https://office365engage.com/

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See you in Haarlem?


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