Azure Developer Workshop

In this Boot Camp students will learn the core skills to develop solutions in Microsoft Azure. This includes working with the main Azure PaaS and IaaS workloads.


5 days


Before attending this boot camp, students must have:

  • A working knowledge of using Visual Studio to develop solutions;
  • A working knowledge of Visual C# and the .NET Framework;
  • A basic understanding of ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core;
  • A¬†basic working knowledge of client-side web technologies including HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.

Course Outline

  1. Introduction to Cloud Computing and Microsoft Azure
  2. Introduction to Azure Resource Manager
  3. PowerShell and CLI for Microsoft Azure
  4. Introduction to Azure Virtual Machines and Azure Virtual Networks
    • Introduction to IaaS
    • Virtual Machines
      • High Availability with Availability Zones and Availability Sets
    • Virtual Networks
    • VM Scale Sets
  5. Azure App Services
    • Introduction to Azure App Services
    • Deployment to Azure App Services
    • Configuring Azure App Services
    • Configuring WebJobs/Functions
  6. Azure Storage
    • Introduction to Azure Storage
      • Storage Account types
      • Geo-redundancy
    • Azure Blob Storage
    • Azure Storage Queues
    • Azure Storage Tables
    • Azure Storage Files
  7. Azure SQL Databases
    • Introduction to Azure SQL Databases
    • Security of Azure SQL Databases
      • Firewall
      • AAD Integration
      • Encryption
      • Row-level security
      • Dynamic Data Masking
    • Monitoring Azure SQL Databases
    • Elastic Databases
    • Azure SQL Databases Performance
    • Azure SQL Databases High-Availability
  8. Azure Active Directory (AAD)
    • AD Directories
    • AD Multifactor Authentication
    • B2C Directories
    • B2B Directories
  9. Azure Messaging
    • Introduction to Service Bus
    • Service Bus Queues
    • Service Bus Topics
    • Service Bus Relay
    • Event Grid
  10. Create High-Available and Performance Web Applications on Azure
    • Load Balancing
    • Azure Traffic Manager
    • Azure Front-Door
    • Azure CDN
    • Redis Cache
  11. Introduction to Azure DevOps
  12. Final Lab: Create and deploy an Web Application to Azure
    • In this final lab, students will create an application that needs to use the following Services:
      • SQL Databases (Primary and Secondary)
      • Azure Web Application with traffic Manager
      • Azure CDN
      • Redis Cache
      • Azure AD

If you want me to deliver this boot camp at your location, please Contact Me.