About Me

Tiago Costa

IT Consultant | Trainer | Author | Speaker

I’m a Cloud Architect and Advisor for the Microsoft Cloud. For the past 18 years I have been architecting and developing solutions using Microsoft technologies like Microsoft Azure, Office 365, SharePoint, .Net and SQL Server. I have a strong real world experience and regularly deliver training around the world, mainly in Microsoft Azure but also in other technologies like SharePoint, .Net and SQL Server.

I have several Microsoft Certifications and I’m also a MCT – Microsoft Certified Trainer. In 2013 I was nominated as a MCT Regional Lead by Microsoft Corp (HQ) and I have been renewed every year including in Jan, 2017 for a 2 years term (2017 – 2018).

In 2016 I was awarded with the Microsoft MVP Award in Office Server and Services due to my community efforts in promoting, sharing knowledge and experiences about Microsoft Products. In July, 2018 I have switch category for Microsoft Azure due to my focus on the Microsoft Cloud. This award gives me the opportunity to go even further in getting more opportunities to share my passion for Azure.

I love diving into new technologies and share my experience at conferences and training classes, but what excites me about my work is to help others exploring new frontiers in technology and to become better professionals.

My short free-time is spent with my family in a city near the sunny Lisbon in Portugal and building some cool and geek projects.