2018 is dead, long live 2019!!!

Now it’s time to look back and evaluate the year that is ending. 2018 has been amazing! I had the chance to focus a lot on Microsoft Azure project both in the Consulting and Training worlds. I delivered my services in a record number of countries, making me do a lot of flights, 104 flights to be more precise, and yes, I track and log all the flights that I do , all this in 4 different continents!

Just some bullet points of my achievements in 2018:

  • 2 Microsoft Oficial Courses (MOC 20532D and 20535A) that I co-authored were released
  • Did a lot of community work, like speaking in several events and co-organized 4 major IT conferences. But all this seems so little…
  • Delivered hundreds of hours of training
  • Helped certify more than 350 professionals on Microsoft Azure
  • Helped several companies onboarding into the Microsoft Cloud
  • Moved on-prem workloads to Microsoft Azure
  • Helping the leadership of a large Cloud project. The biggest budget ever in my career, spanning across 4 years and dozens of millions of Euros.
  • Modernizing IaaS applications to PaaS and SaaS Azure Services
  • Spoke on several amazing events worldwide and had the privilege to speak for the first time on Microsoft Ignite!

For the last few years I had the opportunity to travel across the world, 2019 is just around the corner and I already have several trips scheduled. I will be in a few days in the United States for some cool work (NDA for now…), but I will be in the LA area. Let’s get together if you’re nearby!!! I have amazing community and professional projects to launch in 2019, it will be an amazing and challenging year.

During 2019 I wish to keep pushing Microsoft Azure to more and more customers and IT Professionals!

Let’s keep changing the world one IT Professional, one customer at a time! I’m here, and I’m ready for 2019!!!

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